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Malaysians Enraged, AFF Championship Tickets Are Limited Due To A Concert

Picture: @HCitiey, BERNAMA

The news today enraged the public. Due to a concert that will be held at Bukit Jalil National Stadium, AFF Championship tickets are now limited. Initially, 80,000 people are able to watch the football game. Nevertheless, because of the concert, the seats are reduced to 59,000. Thus, 21,000 empty seats cannot be seated by anyone.

Bukit Jalil National Stadium is known for its role being the place where sports matches are being held at. Nevertheless, it is also the place where concerts are organized. This situation enrages the public, especially those who want to watch the upcoming game between Malaysia and Thailand.

The backbone of the football national team, Harimau Malaya is the Ultras Malaya. They are the ones who continue giving support to our national football players. Their presence means a lot to the national squad.

A tweet from @PiangShankly states that the Ultras Malaya’s presence at the stadium gives an advantage to the players. Even our opponent agrees that the immense support from Harimau Malaya fans help them score 4-1 against Singapore.

Furthermore, the football manager of Vietnam is glad that his squad did not play at Bukit Jalil National Stadium for the championship in front of thousands of Ultras Malaya.

The public is questioning why the organizer chose Bukit Jalil National Stadium and not other stadiums.

We hope that this problem could be settled for the sake of Harimau Malaya and Ultras Malaya.



Picture: @manarianz5

Sources: @PiangShankly,@manarianz5

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