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FIFA Wants Security Tightened For Indonesia-Vietnam AFF Cup Match

Pictures: AFC,, PNGKit

Recently, Vietnam Football Federation (VFF) sent a letter to Southeast Asian Football Federation (AFF) and Indonesian Football Federation (IFF). The letter was to ask both parties to tighten and strengthen the security measures. Additionally, it is for the safety of the Vietnamese team during practice and their stay in Jakarta.

Not only that, but VFF also hopes their football team will be protected while being in Indonesia and facing the home country’s football team in the upcoming match this 6 January.

FIFA takes the request from VFF seriously

VFF stated that FIFA would appoint one experienced official to supervise the match.

AFF sent a security expert to assist with the game.

Moreover, AFC appointed two match supervisors, one referee supervisor and one security expert to be present during Vietnam vs Indonesia play-off.

The letter is to avoid unwanted outbreaks from happening

VFF hopes to receive the support of the Vietnam Embassy in Indonesia to consider their request. They also hope that the Indonesian team and IFF will also implement security measures for the Vietnamese national team. At the same time, VFF would like IFF to inform and instruct the fans to comply with the security regulations for the safety of the match. Thus, it will avoid any unwanted outbreaks that could happen between the fans at the stadium.

Many football fans are expectant of the match between Vietnam and Indonesia. There will be many interesting moments to look forward to in the intense game.


Picture: Facebook ASEAN FOOTBALL

For your information, Indonesia requested a change of game time from 7.30 pm (8.30 pm MYT) to 4.30 pm (5.30 pm MYT) because they were concerned about security issues.

Sources: VFF, Vietnam Posts English, Facebook ASEAN FOOTBALL

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