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Being Caught Having Premarital Sex, Indonesian Couple In Aceh Whipped 100 Times Each

An Indonesian couple was whipped 100 times each on Friday in Aceh province after caught having premarital sex. It is watched by a little bit of crowd because of COVID-19 outbreak.

The pair had their temperatures checked and wearing face masks before being whipped by a rattan outside of a mosque.

“This young couple deserved a hundred lashes because they violated Islamic law,” said the head of general crime division, Agus Kelana Putra.

It is also believed that another man was whipped 40 times after he was caught in a hotel room with his female partner. But, the woman was spared because she was still underage.

Aceh is the only region in Indonesia to impose Islamic law. It allows whipping for charges such as gambling,  drinking alcohol, adultery sex.

Source: South China Morning Post

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