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Indonesian Mosque Allows To Hold Mass Friday Prayers With Strict Protocols

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One of the well-known Islamic groups in Indonesia, Muhammadiyah has allow its members and all Muslims to do Friday prayers starting this week.

As been said by their statement on Thursday, the health protocol and particular arrangements must be done and followed to prevent the COVID-19 infections from keep spreading.

The statement is a sign that all mosque and other Muslim holy sites in Indonesia especially that related to Muhammadiyah to be open after it was closed since March.

“The prayers held in mosques or mushola should be carried out according to health protocols set out by Muhammadiyah’s COVID-19 command center (MCCC) or local administrations,” said Muhammadiyah’s deputy secretary, Agung Danarto.

The members and the Muslims also was reminded to keep up to date with COVID-19 related information so that they can take the necessary precautions. This is because,  the level of COVID-19 transmissions was different from each areas and it might change at anytime.

Not just that, the people also can maintain distance while praying instead of standing close to each other in their saf (rows). Wearing masks while praying also was allowed.

“Especially in a time of a pandemic, a mask is a personal protector that has to be put on outdoors, including when going to the mosques or mushola to take part in mass prayers,” said Fuad Zain of Muhammadiyah’s tarjih and tajdid council.

Source: The Jakarta Post

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