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“Corona Is Like Your Wife” – Indonesian Minister

Picture: Google

A senior minister from the neighboring country Indonesia has been criticized by human rights activists for his comment about comparing COVID-19 with the control of a husband has towards their wife.

Indonesia’s Minister for Politics, Law, and Safety Coordination, Mohammad Mahfud MD made the comments on a Livestream discussion on YouTube last Tuesday. The discussion was about Indonesia’s government plans to adjust to the country’s new normal.

“Yesterday, I received a meme from (the Minister of Maritime Coordination) which said, ‘Corona is like your wife. Initially, you try to control it, then you realise you can’t. Then you learn to live with it’,” said Mohammad Mahfud.

As stated by ABC News, the comments that he made have been denounced by women’s right groups. Not just that, the comment also has since made as headlines internationally.

Secretary-general of the Indonesian Women’s Coalition, Mike Verawati Tangka also said that Mahfud’s comment was not only ‘misogynistic’ but also out of touch.

Source: ABC, The Jakarta Post

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