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Mahalini Be The 1st Female Singer Earns 1 Million Streams On Spotify Indonesia

After the fábula 1.0 concert in Kuala Lumpur recently, the response received for Mahalini's debut full album was very encouraging!
Picture: Eventori

After the fábula 1.0 concert in Kuala Lumpur recently, the response received for Mahalini’s debut full album was very encouraging! Mahalini is famous for her songs associated with ‘galau’ and heartbreak. The lyrics written are also relatable to every fragmented soul. Although she is only a finalist in Indonesian Idol, her talent is no longer in doubt.

Although the main track in fábula is “Bohongi Hati,” “Sial” is the one that leaves a significant impression on the hearts of fans. The lyrics alone are enough to crush the feelings. Not to mention the emotions Mahalini channeled in the song.


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♬ Sial – Mahalini

The remarkable success of Mahalini with fábula

Success is no accident. “Sial” became the first female singer song to record 1 million daily streams on Spotify Indonesia. Not only that, but the single also managed to break the daily streaming record for an Indonesian artist, which is about 1.48 million. Chart Data tweeted about the success on Twitter.

“Sial” becomes a trending song on TikTok

Mahalini did not expect “Sial” to become one of her famous singles. It’s because the lyrics associate with her unfortunate past. ‘Sial’ means bad luck in Indonesian. Despite that, Indonesia is famous for its jedag-jedug remixes regardless of songs, and ‘Sial’ is no exception. Mahalini, in her speech, had mixed feelings about the talent and creativity of her fans. She said, “Citizens +62 (of Indonesia) are given a sad song but refusing it…”


Emang warga +62 tuh menolak galau! Siapa sih yang ngeremix lagu sial? 🤣 #mahaliniraharja #sial #fabula #tiktoktainment #opraentertainment


Once the song started going up, more remixes and versions came out. Even so, that helped raise “Sial” as one of the favorite songs of Indonesians and neighboring countries such as Malaysia, Thailand, etc.

Sources: OPRA Entertainment @ TikTok, chart data @ Twitter, mylinzii @ TikTok

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