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MBSI Teased Malaysians With A Highly-Improved Shah Alam Stadium, And Everyone Is In Awe

Shah Alam Stadium
Pictures: Facebook MBSI, TikTok MBSI

It looks like the Shah Alam Stadium will get a full makeover soon! 

Through the Menteri Besar Selangor Incorporated (MBSI) Facebook page, they have been teasing Malaysians about the stadium’s transformation. Many are more than excited to see the future of Malaysia’s stadium!

Shah Alam Stadium is the new World-class stadium

MBSI’s aim in transforming the stadium’s look is not only for recreational purposes. It’s to bring the community together. Not only that but sustainability and entrepreneurship are their goals too. The overall intention is to connect Malaysians into a harmonious nation.

Shah Alam Stadium

Picture: Twitter Malayantigerfans (@Malayantigerfan)

The stadium’s facilities are convenient for many. Some of them are:

  • Shah Alam Stadium LRT station and public transport services
  • Roofed and opened-air pathway for pedestrians
  • OKU-friendly hallway
  • Corporate section
  • Changing room
  • Indoor humidity control
    • It comes with ETFE ceramic coating
    • Seat cooling system
  • Accommodating indoor sports and other events
    • Retractable pitch
    • Event mode (fit for concerts or gigs)
  • The stadium comes with a fixed roof made from transparent ETFE
    • It’s an innovative design to fit the world-class standard.

There are many useful facilities outside the stadium too:

  • A court for sports activities
  • Skate park
  • Playground

The green recreational zone goes over 310,000 sqm! The big and beautiful space has:

  • Hutan bandar
  • Active Park
  • Water landscape
  • Mosque, parking lot and bazaar
  • Botanical park

The green zone is a recreational and community-friendly hub. Malaysians can enjoy outdoor activities while staying connected with others.

Shah Alam Stadium also offers an exclusive space for entrepreneurship purposes like:

  • Indoor arena and business space
  • Business space
  • Hotel and commercial space

It’s now accessible for vendors to start or expand their business in the stadium.

It is Selangor’s transcendental step to transformation

With high hopes, MBSI believes the highly-improved Shah Alam Stadium will bring success and prosperity. It’s not only to the state but also to Malaysia. 

The more-inclusive overview of the stadium is held at SACC. If you want to see the coolness of Shah Alam Stadium up close, head over to the mall ASAP!

Although the stadium gets a new look, its originality remains. We’re excited to see this world-class stadium coming to life soon! 

Sources: Facebook Menteri Besar Selangor Incorporated (MBSI), TikTok MBI Selangor

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