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Structural Damage Disrupted LRT Ampang/Sri Petaling Line, Malaysians Voice Their Worries

Pictures: Twitter Ask Rapid KL, ClipartMax

This morning, Ask Rapid KL (@askrapidkl) shared an update about the problem at the LRT Ampang/Sri Petaling line. It is due to the structural damage of the LRT Bandaraya Station.

From the pictures shared on Twitter, it looked severe and dangerous. If the train continued its journey, unwanted things might happen to the passengers.

Therefore, YBhg. Datuk Azlan Shah Al Bakri, the head director of the Land Public Transport Agency (APAD), went to the location to observe the situation. Additionally, the Rail Enforcement Division and representatives of Prasarana were there to surveil the station’s condition.

In his surveillance, Datuk Azlan ordered an immediate investigation and gradual actions to be taken. This issue should be handled quickly because it concerns the public. This problem affects many LRT users from the Ampang/Sri Petaling line.

The damage at LRT Bandaraya Station worry about the damage

Many voices their concern under the post, while some wonder how long the maintenance process will take. Also, Malaysians hope the responsible parties can give them alternatives to this problem while waiting for it to resolve.


Picture: Twitter Ask Rapid KL

We hope this issue is solved soon so that LRT users can resume using public transport for their convenience.

Sources: Twitter Ask Rapid KL, Facebook Agensi Pengangkutan Awam Darat (APAD)

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