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Know Your Childcare Centre! This Is How To See If It Is Registered Or Not

Picture: @cemban_my

Recently, there have been many issues regarding childcare centres. Some of the issues include abusive behaviour of the children’s caretakers and unregistered care centres. It must be concerning for working parents to leave their children under the care of these people.

Nowadays, many parents are working to give their children the comfort they need. Due to that, parents have no other choice, than to leave their child at the child care centre. 

It is not wrong to do that. Nevertheless, it is best to make sure the centre that parents want to leave their child at is registered.

Thus, to know that, parents should check through these websites: and

Another way that parents can do to check if the centre is registered is by looking at the building of the centre. This must be done, especially if the centre is located at a shop lot.


Banyak pulak taska kat shoplot. Especially kat area bandar. Tp berdaftar ke? #pendidikanawalkanakkanak #earlychildhoodeducation #taskaberdaftar #shouldbeme

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  • The centre should be on the ground floor. 
  • It also can be on the first floor.
  • If the centre is located higher than that, it may not have registered.

This information is shared by @cemban_my, an account that specializes in children, childcare centres, and kindergartens. 

But…why can’t a childcare centre be on the second and third floors?


@Cemban | Ur TikTok ECCE Expert Bila time kebakaran, rasa-rasa cikgu mampu tak nak selamatkan semua kanak-kanak, lagi kalau di aras 2 & 3? #pendidikanawalkanakkanak #earlychildhoodeducation #taskaberdaftar #shouldbeme

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The answer is for safety. When a childcare centre is located in a high building, it is hard for the caretakers and children to save themselves.

@cemban_my also adds that a childcare centre and a kindergarten should never be in the same premise.


Picture: @cemban_my

Thus, as parents, please do some research first before sending off your child!

Source: @cemban_my (TikTok)

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