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‘Sweet Home’ Actress Lee Si-young Hikes South Korea’s Highest Mountain With Her Son On Her Back

Picture: leesiyoung38

Lee Si-young, a South Korean actress, known for her role in Sweet Homeis no longer a stranger to the public. Her role as Seo Yi-Kyeong makes her everyones’ ‘girl crush.’ Her portrayal of being a tough female does not only appear on the television screen. 

In real life, she is quite a tough female too. Do you know that Si-young used to box? No wonder people chose her to portray these types of characters. Not just in Sweet Home, she also landed a role in No Mercy and Grid, which requires strength.


Picture: Forbes

Recently, in Si-young’s Instagram post, she shared a piece of good news with her fans. She had hiked South Korea’s highest mountain, Hallasan Mountain. The height of the mountain reaches up to 1950 metres. Surprisingly but interestingly, she hiked the mountain while carrying her son on her back! Such a strong mama!

The news came with several pictures of Si-young and her son throughout the journey. 

She captioned: “I came to Hallasan with you! Contrary to my expectations, it was so heavy that I almost died. Still, it was so meaningful, thankful, and happy. Because you are close to 20kg. I feel like my height has decreased by 1cm today, and my face is tanned. Still, thank you so much for coming along. In the future, I will never have to topple over and climb a mountain. Still, I am so happy to be with Jungyoon on the first day of the new year. I was worried that it would be cold, and I was very nervous about whether I could do it, but I climbed safely without getting hurt. Thank you very much to those who helped.”

Congratulations to her (and her son) for hiking the highest mountain in South Korea. Despite her tough appearances on television screens (and in real life), Si-young is a funny person. Have you seen her TikTok account? If not, you are missing a lot. Check it out here.

According to Allkpop, the actress is also currently filming Sweet Home 2. Cannot wait!

Source: leesiyoung38 (Instagram), Allkpop

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