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The Western Desert Of Saudi Arabia Starts Greening

Picture: @Al__Quraan

The world has been shocked by an occurrence that only appears once in a blue moon. The western desert of Saudi Arabia starts greening. The satellite image owned by The National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) captured the extraordinary occurrence that appears in several regions of Saudi Arabia’s western desert.

The news shocked people because Saudi Arabia’s desert is known for its hot and arid temperature. Therefore, it is impossible for plants to survive in the area.


Picture: ArabiaWeather

Nevertheless, since December last year, some parts of Riyadh have experience precipitation. The people of Riyadh have seen rain, hail, and also snow. These occurrences were resulted from the condensation of water vapor at an almost constant rate for a longer period than in previous years. Thus, this situation results in unusually heavy rains and caused the desert to turn green.

Other places that have also seen become green include the cities of Makkah, Jeddah, and Medina.

The phenomenon amazed many people, but some people could not help to be frightened by it. In an Islamic context, when the desert of the Saudi region starts greening, it means that the end is near. This has been predicted by Prophet Muhammad SAW.

Sources: Astro Awani, The Islamic Information, @Al__Quraan (Twitter)

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