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Will Our Home Airport Be Able To Thrive To Get More Passengers?


An airport is the first place travellers’ will land their feet on once they land via an airplane. Every year, people will spend time and money travelling from country to country to see the beauty of one’s homes and cultures. Nevertheless, travellers’ views of a country will change if they see its home airport. If the first thing they see does not please them, how can they be pleased with what is outside the airport?

From @jalilword‘s two cents, great airports produce great airlines. Thus, it can produce more passengers and travellers visiting one’s country. For him, “there is jack all to do” in our home airport, Kuala Lumpur International Airport (KLIA). This phrase means there is nothing there.

Do you agree with his statement? Some might, but some do not.

This person who commented on @jalilword‘s tweet mentioned that he was disappointed that the satellite building at KLIA closes at 11 p.m. In addition to that, the shops there are in poor condition, and it is hard to find a place to eat. Thus, this situation might impact the travellers’ view of our country.


Picture: @jalilword

People’s views might differ. Another person revealed that KLIA is much better that the airport she has been to — Istanbul Airport. She stated that pharmacies or drugstores are not available there, but KLIA is better in that term.


Picture: @jalilword

What are your views on this matter?

No matter how great people’s opinion on KLIA is, some things still need to be improved.


Picture: @jalilword

Therefore, to thrive, Malaysia has to be the best in every term. From the infrastructure, maintenance, facility, hospitality, and more.

Source: @jalilword

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