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A ‘Manual’ Time-Lapse? Let’s Learn (And Laugh) From The Pros

Pictures: Twitter Firgiawan, PNG Play

Time-lapse is one of the photogenic techniques. It takes a sequence of frames at set intervals to record changes slowly happening over time. The recorded frames seem much faster when it’s shown at normal speed.

Interestingly, this method feels a bit nostalgic. Since time-lapse video appears faster than its original framing, it’s like catching those precious little details we often overlook in reality.

Speaking about videos, people record videos as a collection. When we look back at those recordings, it will surely trigger many memories. Beautiful or sad, these memories are a part of our story. Therefore, we should appreciate them all.

Tutorial: Manual time-lapse

This is one of the examples of creating fun memories by recording a video. There’s this group of women in a restaurant. They were having a meal together. Isn’t that cute? But it wasn’t what we expected.

The tweet said, “I’m so tired of laughing. They [the women] want to record a manual time-lapse video. And the waiter understood the assignment.”

You might be thinking, huh? A manual time-lapse? Yep! That’s exactly what they did!

Maybe our humour is broken. We can’t stop laughing!

The waiter was so cool about this! They literally nailed the essence of the time-lapse video!

Netizens can’t stop laughing at it

We aren’t alone. Everyone can’t get enough of this. It’s just so funny the more we watch it!


Picture: Twitter Firgiawan


Picture: Twitter Firgiawan

Indeed, happiness is contagious and simple. Videos like this can brighten your day without much effort. It also shows that there’s more to life than sadness.

Don’t forget to smile today. You look better without that frown. 🙂

Source: Twitter Firgiawan

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