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Different Opinions On When Isra’ Mikraj Happened, According To Mufti

Isra' Mikraj
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Tomorrow is not a usual Saturday. Muslims worldwide will celebrate another auspicious day, Isra’ Mikraj. It falls on every 27 Rejab every year according to the Islamic calendar. Additionally, Rejab is one of the months in the Islamic calendar. 

Briefly, Isra’ Mikraj is when the Prophet Muhammad (SAW) travelled from Masjid Al-Haram (in Mecca) to Masjid Al-Aqsa (in Baitul Maqdis, Palestine). Then, Prophet Muhammad (SAW) went to Sidratul Muntaha, one of the places no humans could go but him. His journey was full of obstacles and sadness. However, the great Prophet he was, he went through everything for his ummah, and that is us. 

Isra’ Mikraj has different happenings. As we aren’t as knowledgeable, we can’t explain in detail. However, we know this: Prophet Muhammad (SAW) pleaded with Allah so that daily prayers would only be five times instead of 50 during Mikraj

In the Quran, Allah talked about Isra’ Mikraj in Surah Al-Israa.

Isra' Mikraj

Isra’ Mikraj is a day every Muslim has to remember. However, some might not know when it happened. 

So, let’s learn about it together. Don’t worry. This is based on Mufti’s website (we don’t want you to doubt it.)

Isra’ Mikraj, according to the Mufti

A year before hijrah

  • This opinion belongs to Ibn Mas’ud, al-Zuhri, Urwah bin al-Zubair, Ibn Sa’d and Ibn Hazmin. 
  • It’s the opinion of the majority of scholars.
  • Thus, it’s the jazam (instigator) of Imam al-Nawawi. 

In the year the Prophet Muhammad (SAW) became a prophet

  • It was the first time he received the revelation from Allah SWT.
  • It’s through Gabriel AS (Jibril).
  • This opinion belongs to al-Tabari.

Next is two years before hijrah

Three years before hijrah

  • Ibn al-Athir narrated that it happened accurately on 27 Rejab in the 10th year of prophethood. 
  • al-Allamah Mansurfuri stated this opinion.

Five years before hijrah

  • Furthermore, al-Nawawi and al-Qurtubi said Isra’ Mikraj happened five years before hijrah.
  • It’s an opinion of al-zuhri narrated by Qadhi Iyad.
  • He agreed with the opinion because Khadijah (Prophet Muhammad’s wife) performed the prayer together with him after the obligation for prayer was revealed. 

Additionally, several opinions regarding the month when Isra’ Mikraj happened.

1) In Rabi’ul Awal

  • Syeikh al-Maraghi explained, “This incident happened on 17 Rabi al-awwal, a year before the hijrah.”
  • It’s the opinion of many tahqiq scholars.

2) In Rabiul Akhir

  • It’s the deposition of Ibn al-Munir.

3) In Rejab

  • This is the most famous opinion believed by people today. 

Moreover, most scholars and muhaqqiq (researchers) analysed that Isra’ Mikraj happened in Rabiul Awal either on the 12th or 17th of Rabiul Awal. According to the athar of Jabir and Ibn Abbas, an argument by Ibn Kathir in his book al-Bidayah wa al-Nihayah strengthened this opinion. 

About fasting on this day

Fasting on Isra’ Mikraj isn’t as demanded in Islam. It’s not included in the demanded puasa-puasa sunat

However, if Isra’ Mikraj lands on Monday or Thursday, you can fast on that day. 

We hope this little sharing benefits many people out there. We apologise for any inaccuracies. 

Let’s show our love for Prophet Muhammad by reciting this selawat.

Isra' Mikraj


Sources: Mufti of Federal Territory’s Office (History), Mufti of Federal Territory’s Office (Fasting)

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