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Don’t Go Here! The Mystery Of Restoran Adik Manja Continues To Haunt People

Pictures: TikTok youngexplore

Perhaps, some are unaware of the mystery of this abandoned restaurant in Kuantan, Pahang. But to those who know of its unknown roots, they will warn anyone not to fall for its ‘bright’ and ‘lively’ trap. As someone who isn’t from Pahang, we couldn’t confirm these chilling claims. It might be another old folks tale that was told by the older generation to scare us.

Yet, this mysterious restaurant is legitimate.

According to our friend from Pahang, there’s a restaurant located close to their school. They would often pass by this road and spot the old-looking restaurant. They’ve never seen anything mysterious or odd about the place. Furthermore, they also never encountered anything paranormal. So, we thought the rumours about this restaurant being haunted might be another myth.

However, we stumbled across this video on TikTok that made us ponder. Is this true?


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♬ Conquest of Paradise – Vangelis

From the video, the place is empty. There are no chairs or tables like a restaurant should have. Additionally, there are no lights or signs of human activities on it.

But some people see it differently.

Many people saw the restaurant was full of people. The atmosphere was so lively, like how a restaurant should be. Not only that but it was brightly lit with lights too!


Picture: TikTok youngexplore

This is giving us the chills…

In the comment section, many said they’ve tried eating at this restaurant. They serve delicious food. But weirdly, the staff never talks!


Picture: TikTok youngexplore

The locals there claimed the restaurant was long closed. They stopped operating in 2019, which was around four years ago.

If the restaurant was closed, how could some people see it operating? And how could some even eat there? That’s still an unsolved mystery…

Sources: TikTok youngexplore, Fiksyen Shasha

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