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A World Cup For Picking Rubbish? Japan Announces SpoGomi, This November

Picture: Kyodo News

Japan is known for its people’s concern about cleanliness. Recently, Japan announced SpoGomi will be held this November. SpoGomi World Cup will gather participants from all over the world to clean the streets of Tokyo.

The name of the ‘game’ comes from the word ‘sport’ and ‘gomi’ (the Japanese word for ‘clean’). Three people in a team will pick up rubbish in the city. The team who picks the most and high-quality rubbish in an hour will be honoured as the winner.

Not to forget to mention, they will have to sort the rubbish according to the type. There will be burnable waste, recyclable plastic, metal cans, and more. To identify the winner, the rubbish will be weighed and checked for proper sorting.

In case they are a tie between teams, the jury will check which team gathers the most high-quality rubbish. Interestingly, cigarette butts have the highest point.

This game is one of the initiatives to encourage people to care about the cleanliness of a place.


Picture: CBS Sports

Before this, during the FIFA World Cup, Japan showed the world its people’s action of cleaning a place before leaving. The Japanese’s actions have encouraged people from other countries to do the same thing too.

Source: Oddity Central

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