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Ever Heard Of This Health Advice? Let’s Bust Them!

Picture: Healthline, The Statesman, NoBroker, Saveur, Betty Crocker

Older generation like to give younger generation advice. Some of them are about health, marriage, cooking, and more. Nevertheless, out of all of the advice that they give, health topics always differ from what doctors’ have stated.

Have you heard of this advice before? If you do, do not believe in them! There are all myths, and @DoktorSamhan is here to bust them:

1) “Do not eat pineapple, especially during pregnancy.”


Picture: The Statesman

  • Sounds familiar? This is one of the pieces of advice older generations like to mention to women.
  • They think that by eating pineapple, it will increase the risk of miscarriage.
  • But the truth is, pineapple can help ease the blood flow during menstruation.

2) “If you consume soy sauce, the scars on your body will get dark.”


Picture: Healthline

  • Just because soy sauce is black in colour, does not mean that it will make your scars black too.
  • Although it is true that soy sauce contains high calories, it will not absorb into your scars.

3) “Avoid showering at night. Or else, your lungs will get “watery.”


Picture: NoBroker

  • Where do they even hear this statement from?
  • No, showering at night will not cause your lungs to water, but it will make you sleep like a baby.

4) “You have dengue fever? Eat crabs, that will help.”


Picture: Saveur

  • Although crabs are rich in healthy protein, they will not cure dengue fever.

5) “Cucumbers will only cause you to have vaginal discharge.”


Picture: Betty Crocker

  • That is not true at all. 
  • In fact, cucumbers are good for hydration.

Do you know any more health advice that is a myth?

Source: DoktorSamhan (Twitter)

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