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Eat It Can Get Kidney Problem?The Myth About Panadol


We do not know when we are going to get sick. Thus, Panadol becomes the ‘hero’ that will make us feel better during our sick days. That is why in every house, there will always be an emergency medicine called Panadol. This medicine will help you when you are having a fever or suffering from pain.

Nevertheless, do you know that Panadol is not the name of the pill? It is actually a brand name for the drug, Paracetamol. It has been a norm in Malaysia, where our people call Paracetamol as Panadol.

But that does not matter. What is more important to be discussed today is the myth that has been going around about this drug. Does the statement below sound familiar?

“You will have a kidney disease if you take Panadol.”

We often hear this. But how true is this statement?

According to @celotehdrmalar on Twitter, or Dr. Malar, this drug will not ‘stay’ in your body after you consume it, and affect your kidney. The truth is the pill will disappear from our body on the same day you take the pill.

However, the worse is yet to come if you take this pill EVERY day for weeks, months, or years! Then, it is possible for the pill to affect your organs such as your liver, or kidneys.

Added by Dr. Malar, it is not just Paracetamol, but any other painkillers also can give you the same effect if consumed frequently.

Now, you know what you may have not known before. Thus, be a wise person and keep an eye on who might need the pill, especially the elders.

Source: @celotehdrmalar (Twitter)

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