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But How? The New Transit Line Might Disappoint Malaysians!

Picture: The Edge Markets & @slainthayer_my

The plan to construct a new transit line is a good approach to ease the burden of Malaysians traveling from place to place. Furthermore, with the new transit line, Shah Alam Line or known as LRT3, the less jammed the roads will be. 

However, will LRT3 really make all these happen? Is it possible for the transit to do so?

According to @slainthayer_my on Twitter, from his two cents, LRT3 is bound to fail. He lists several reasons why he thinks so. Before that, let us get into what LRT3 is.

As mentioned above, LRT3 is LRT Shah Alam Line. It is a new line connecting Shah Alam and Klang. The length of the rail is 37 km long, connecting 24 stations. It is said to be launched in early 2024. The government spends about RM16 billion on the transit line.

Do not get him wrong, @slainthayer_my fully supports LRT3 being constructed, because he knows how packed Klang and Shah Alam are. Now, let’s get into the reasons why:

5 reasons why LRT3 will disappoint Malaysians

1) Frequency

  • The trains run every 6 minutes. Plus, the total of trains was halved back in 2018.

2) The length of the train

  • A train used to have 6 carriages. Nevertheless, it was also cut in half, becoming 3 carriages. Thus, during peak hours, the inside of the train will be crowded with people.

3) Interchange 

  • The distance between one platform to another platform is very far. Plus, there there is no free transfer.

4) The location of the station

  • Most of the stations are located very far from places where people actually want to go.

5) Accessibility

  • There is a need to improve the accessibility for pedestrians.

Thus, @slainthayer_my has a feeling that LRT3 would not carry more than 100 thousand passengers a day due to these reasons.

He has a point there. What do you think?

Source: @slainthayer_my (Twitter)

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