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Man Breaks Into Tears, These Children Are Excited Getting Happy Meals

happy meals
Picture: @saharuddinamirullah

For Malaysians, McDonald’s restaurants are one their favourites when it comes to fast food aside from KFC. The Happy Meals, burgers, the fries, the chicken, the ice cream, and more will surely make you crave for more! Although McDonald’s is considered affordable by some, however, let us tell you this: not everyone has tried it before.

Even as much as they want to, sometimes, the price may be out of their budget.

In a video shared by @saharuddinamirullah, he buys some Happy Meals from McDonald’s for some children. For your information, if you have not known this yet, @saharuddinamirullah actively helps people in need around Sabah.


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In the recent video, he surprises the children with some Happy Meals. The children are looking so excited seeing the food and mistake it for KFC. Then, the man corrects her by saying the food is from McDonald’s.

He continues the conversation by asking her if the children have ever eaten the food. The man breaks into tears as the children say they have not.

From the video, we get to know that not everyone is as privileged as us. Some people can eat at McDonald’s multiple times a week, but some people never taste it their whole life.

It is not hard to put a smile on people’s faces, right? All we have to do is help!

Source: @saharuddinamirullah (TikTok)

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