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Stop Buying Candles! You Can Make Them Yourself Using Used Cooking Oil

Picture: @mamaq3funland

Cooking oil is essential in Malaysian households. We use it almost in all of our cooking. Okay, one question for you.. Where did all the used cooking oil go after you have used it after cooking? Well, of course, some people would use it again twice or thrice. But what happens after that? 

Do you throw it away in your sink? NO. Stop doing that as it will clog your pipe. Instead of doing that, why do not you recycle the used cooking oil at Alam Flora? That is the way to do it!

Aside from that, do you know that you can be creative with used cooking oil? You can make scented candles with it.


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♬ Pretty song that imaged a sleeping baby – Azuline

@mamaq3funland can teach you how. Below are the things you need to make the candles.

  • Rice
  • Wax
  • Essential oil
  • Thin rope
  •  Drinking can

Let’s move on to the steps of making the candles:

1) Deep fry the rice to eliminate the smell.

2) Drop some essential oil.

3) Include the wax.

4) Stir them all together.

5) After that, place it in the drinking can, with the thin rope.

6) Wait for it to harden.

7) There you go, it is done!

Easy, right? Now, you do not have to buy candles anymore!

Source: @mamaq3funland (TikTok)

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