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The 5S Techniques For Parents To Easily Make Newborns Comfortably Sleep

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There is not much that newborns can do. All they do is cry, eat, sleep, and of course, repeat. At the age of two to three months, these little humans can not even crawl yet. Even so, taking care of newborns is a difficult thing to do, especially when it comes to stopping them from crying and making them sleep.

Do any of the parents here are having a hard time making their newborns sleep?

Do not worry because @dr_chaku has some tips for you. According to him, by following the 5S, your children will have a good sleep and nap.

So, what are the 5S?

1) Swaddling
· Swaddle your baby in a soft and breathable blanket.
· Tighten the blanket, especially around their legs.
· By doing this, your baby will feel safe and comfortable.
· Swaddling also helps reduce the startle reflex (Moro reflex).

2) Side Lying
· Lie down the baby on their right side.
· The baby’s head must be higher than its body.
· This position can reduce the risk of SIDS (Sudden Death Infant Syndrome).

3) Shushing
· Make a soft shushing sound because that is what babies hear when they are in their mother’s stomach.
· Your baby will feel comfortable, thus easy to fall asleep.

4) Swinging
· Swing your baby in your arms slowly.
· This technique will help the baby in closing their eyes to sleep.
· You can also swing your baby using a rocking chair.

5) Sucking
· Feed your baby or give them a pacifier.
· Nevertheless, it is reminded to not give your baby a pacifier until it learns how to feed on milk correctly.
· The baby should also have normal weight for babies.

The 5S techniques might help struggling parents. However, all babies are different. Therefore, different parents might have different techniques to make their baby sleep.

Source: @dr_chaku (Twitter)

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