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These Are The 10 Deadliest Cyclones In The World

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Cyclones happen when a low-pressure centre and intense spinning storm system form over warm water. It’s one of the deadliest natural disasters the world has ever witnessed, and it has caused damage and chaos. 

Hurricanes, typhoons or cyclones are when tropical cyclones sustain winds of at least 74 miles per hour. For your information, every region has their cyclone name. Hurricanes are called in the Eastern Pacific. Typhoons are those that happen in Southeast Asia. In the Indian Ocean and Western Pacific regions, it’s named a cyclone

10 deadliest cyclones in the world

1) Bangladesh Cyclone of 1942 (Bangladesh, 1942)

  • The cyclone happened on the eastern coast of Bangladesh on 16 October with 70 miles per hour winds. 
  • It caused a 20-foot storm surge.
  • 61,000 people were dead, and around 3,000 houses were destroyed.

2) Cyclone Nargis (Myanmar, 2008)

  • Cyclone Nargis happened on 2 May 2008 in Myanmar. 
  • The wind moved across the southern region of the country for two days.
  • Ayeyarwady Delta region was the most affected. 
  • This deadly cyclone put 2.4 million people in misery.
  • The death toll was 84,500 people, and 53,800 were missing.

3) Cyclone 02B (Bangladesh, 1991)


Picture: Encyclopedia Britannica

  • The common name for this cyclone is the Bangladesh Cyclone of 1991. 
  • It occurred ay the southeastern coastal region of Chittagong on 29 April 1991.
  • More than 135,000 people were killed, and 10 million lost their homes. The cost of damage accumulated to $1.5 billion.
  • Moreover, one million cows died and damaged the country’s crops.
  • This cyclone led to starvation.

4) Chittagong Cyclone (Bangladesh, 1897)

  • The town of Chittahong was hit by the cyclone, which took 175,000 lives. 
  • More than half of the buildings in town were destroyed. 

5) Great Backerganj Cyclone (Bangladesh, 1876)

  • The Bengal Cyclone of 1876 happened on 31 October 1867 in Bangladesh.
  • The other name of this catastrophe is the Bengal Cyclone of 1876. 
  • At least 200,000 people were killed. 
  • The cyclone caused a 40-foot storm surge caused by the landfall at the Meghna River Estuary. What made it worst was the already high tide during that time. 
  • Additionally, the cyclone flooded the low-lying coastal areas. 
  • 50% of deaths from the cyclone suffered from starvation and disease caused by the flood.

6) Backerganj Cyclone (Bangladesh, 1584)

  • The Backerganj Cyclone struck the country in 1584 that formed in the Bay of Bengal. 
  • It destroyed Bangladesh and caused around 200,000 deaths.

Furthermore, other worst cyclones that happened in the world are:

  • Coringa Cyclone (India, 1839)

Picture: Knappily

  • Haiphong Cyclone (Vietnam, 1881)

Picture: Grunge

  • Hooghly River Cyclone (India and Bangladesh, 1737)

Picture: Get Bengal

  • Great Bhola Cyclone (Bangladesh, 1970)

Picture: The Weather Channel

Our thoughts and prayers are with the victims of Cyclone Gabrielle in New Zealand. May everything be eased by Him. 

Source: The Borgen Project

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