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What’s Your Pick: Bluetooth Or Wired Headphones?

Pictures: Back Market, VentureBeat

Headphones have been a necessity for many, especially post-pandemic. With all the virtual meetings and classes, headphones are used widely. They’re no longer only for music consumption. They also act as our light and portable microphone.

These days, there are many brands of headphones we can choose from. All ranges in different prices, colours and quality. However, our choices are a bit limited between these two: wired and Bluetooth headphones. Until the day inventors come up with another version of these headphones, these are the only options we have.



Even though many prefer using Bluetooth earphones, do you notice the mic quality isn’t as on par as its other positives?

Becca from The Verge compared various Bluetooth headphones such as first-gen AirPods, second-gen AirPods, third-gen AirPods, and the first and second-gen AirPods Pro. Listen to the difference in mic sound between these devices.


We still stan wires. #earphones #headphones #airpods #airpodspro #tech #techtok

♬ original sound – The Verge

It’s a bit disappointing when these devices produce microwave-like mic sounds that aren’t satisfactory. Imagine if you have to present your paperwork virtually with this kind of audio— it would be a bit stressful. 

Why, though? You might ask. Let’s know the reasons.

The cons of Bluetooth headphones

1) It’s limiting

  • Despite being one of the most important features in many smartphones, smartwatches, TVs and other electrical appliances, Bluetooth can be limiting.
  • It has to transmit a lot of data in real-time.
  • However, it’s not the best at delivering it efficiently.

2) Same Bluetooth codec

  • These devices get an upgrade on other aspects, yet a downgrade for their mics.
  • This happens because of the same Bluetooth codec all headphones use. 
  • The way of compressing and decompressing or packaging and unpackaging the audio data hasn’t improved. 

Surprisingly, wired connections have the most decent mic quality of all devices!

So, what’s your pick? 

Sources: Twitter The Verge, TikTok The Verge

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