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Using Earphones Or Headphones Can Damage Your Sense Of Hearing – MOH

Earphones are something that is very familiar in our life. They act as small speakers that are used for listening to the sound from phones, or computers.

The first pair of earphones was invented more than a decade ago. Since then, earphones have been evolving and becoming essential in most peoples’ lives.

Ministry of Health Malaysia (MOH) recently uploaded a picture of the dangers of using earphones excessively on its Twitter account. This is to raise awareness of the dangers to the people.

Wearing earphones excessively can damage our hearing in a long term. We might not feel the danger now, but we will face its consequences maybe after quite a long time. The damage will be permanent if we didn’t take care of our hearing from now.

MOH suggested a few ways to use earphones properly to prevent any damages to your ears. Limit the usage of earphones per day to minimum usage. Avoid using earbuds where the sound will be transferred directly to our eardrum. This may rupture our eardrum thus lead to a complete hearing loss.

It is also suggested for not using the earphones with volume higher than half, and use it for less 90 minutes each time. This will give our ears some time to heal from the loud music.

“Excessive use of earphones or headphones can damage your sense of hearing. The effects occur slowly, not painfully but permanently,” said MOH.


Source: MOH

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