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Defrosting Chickens The Wrong May Affect Your Health! Know These Two Correct Ways

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Undoubtedly, chickens cannot be separated from Malaysians. They are one of the sources of proteins that are affordable for all. Not just that, people can be creative when cooking chickens. You can make friend chicken, ayam masak merah, chicken soup, and more. Thus, you will not get bored eating this protein.

Do you know that most people hate waiting, like waiting for the chickens to thaw? You have to wait for hours to begin to cook. Sometimes, you may not know it but, you may thaw the chickens the wrong way.

In fact, according to @drmalarss, defrosting proteins the wrong way might affect your health. 


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How can it affect your health?

You may get food poisoning if you defrost chickens or any proteins outside (in the sink etc.) or leave them in the water for too long. We guess many people usually do this.

You may say “I always do that, but nothing bad ever happens to me.” Well, lucky you. 

Adults are usually immune to this kind of disease. However, children are prone to getting food poisoning if you defrost proteins the wrong way.

The correct way to do it is by:

1) Leave your proteins in the chiller the night before. Then, leave them in the water for 15 minutes.


2) Use the microwave.


Picture: @drmalarss

Now, you know! Food poisoning is no joke. Thus, let’s prevent it from happening by defrosting proteins the correct way!

Source: @drmalarss (TikTok)

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