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Reasons Why Some People Spend More To Get A Window Seat On An Airplane 

Picture: Conde Nast Traveler

It is always a ‘war’ when it comes to booking a seat for transportation. Some people are willing to spend more money just to get the specific seat they want. For them, their desired seat is the best option and gives them comfort.

For instance, when we want to book a seat on the bus, we will choose an individual seat when travelling alone. Nevertheless, some people do not mind sitting next to a stranger on the bus.

When it comes to an airplane, people will strive to get a window seat. Some might be curious, “What is so special about window seats anyway?”

Here are some of the reasons why:


Picture: The Mirror

1) The view

  • Of course, the view! Even when we are not in an airplane, we still want the window seat, whether in a car or a bus. 
  • By being next to the window, we can see everything outside.
  • In an airplane, we can see beautiful clouds, sparkling nights, or rare phenomena. Aside from that, we can see how tiny this world is.

2) No one to bother us

  • What we meant by this is people would not have to talk to us for them to go to the toilet, for example.
  • Usually, when we are not in a window seat, we have to move or stand up for other people to pass.
  • That is troublesome, especially when you are sleeping.

3) More privacy

  • Sometimes, we get anxious looking at our phone, scared that other people are also looking at it. Well, some people are that busybody!
  • Sitting in the window seat, you have more privacy by changing the angle of your phone towards the window.
  • That busybody people cannot see a thing!

4) Comfortable

  • It is comfortable for us to sleep.
  • We do not have to fear sleeping on someone’s shoulder. 
  • Instead, we can rest our heads on the window.

Above are some of the reasons why some people are willing to spend more on a window seat. Other than listed, why do you think people like window seats so much?

Source: One Mile At A Time

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