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Fish Is Often Fried To Eat, But What About Koi Fish?

Picture: Splash Supply Company

What is a simple yet delicious menu that you crave right now? There are many options to choose from, like fried eggs with hot rice. Other than that, of course, Maggi.

But to be honest, aside from Maggi of course, every fried food is good to be eaten. However, just a reminder to all, please reduce the intake of this greasy food.

Nevertheless, it is not about health we are going to discuss today, but about koi fish. Some of you might be wondering, “What does koi fish have to do with fried food?”

Let us share with you a tweet we stumbled on:

Koi fish are known to be pet species for indoor and outdoor ponds. Incredibly, you will be surprised by their longevity! When they are kept in captivity, they can live up to 70 years. On average, they live 30-40 years.


Picture: Pond Informer

The question is, “can humans eat koi fish?”

According to Nature Of Home, yes, you can eat koi fish. However, this type of fish is classified as bottom-feeders which are not recommended to become human food. Aside from that, koi fish are difficult to eat as they are bony. Even though humans can eat them, who would actually want to spend their money to buy koi fish, just to eat them? They are mad expensive!

How about you? Would you eat koi fish?

Sources: @Nadia_Nazir (Twitter), Nature Of Home, Pond Informer

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