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Retrieve Your ‘Emergency Fund’ From ASB With These Simple Steps

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It’s essential to have a stash of money in your emergency funds. This fund is an extra helping hand that gets you going in the long run. When you’re short of cash and need it, you can open your emergency funds and get the money there. Especially these days when everything is pricey, we know everyone tries their best to save as much as they can.

But some instances make you short of money, for example, paying for your rent, car and other necessities. Sometimes, your salary isn’t enough to cover them all. 


Picture: HR Grapevine

Therefore, if the situation forces you to use the money you saved in your emergency funds, don’t feel bad for using it. You can save money once everything is settled.

We resonate with this concern. While trying to make ends meet, sometimes it’s not enough to keep us going. Thus, retrieving money from our emergency funds, ASB is the solution.

Did you know? You can withdraw money from your ASB account if you’re a unit holder. Don’t know how? Follow us!

Retrieve your emergency fund from ASB this way

Get the app on your smartphone

1) Download the myASB app on Google Playstore or Appstore.


2) You’re required to make an account.




  • Open the app and fill in the required details.
  • Click the ‘Redemption‘ button and add your bank account details.
  • Usually, it’ll take a few days for ASB to confirm your bank account. Take note!

3) After your bank account is connected to your ASB account, you can withdraw the desired amount.

Withdrawing the money

1) Open your ASB account and click ‘Redemption‘.


2) Click ‘Fixed Price‘.


3) Then, choose the amount (units) between 100, 300, and 500


  • Important note: you can only withdraw this amount from your ASB at one time.

4) Afterwards, click the small circle at the bottom to confirm and press ‘Next‘.

5) Press ‘Submit‘ once you’ve read the terms and regulations.


6) You’ll have two options: Push Notifications or TAC code. Pick either or to confirm your transaction.

7) Once successful, you’ll get this message notifying the fund will be transferred to your account the next business day.


8) Click ‘Done‘ to end your session.


That’s all! Simple, yes? 

We hope this will benefit anyone who’s in need. 

Source: myASNB

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