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Train Crash In Greece Killed 26 People

Picture: Express UK

At least 26 people were killed after a passenger train collided with an oncoming train in northern Greece. Report stated 85 people were injured due to the accident. The passenger train was traveling from Athens to Thessaloniki. Several trains derailed which caused three to catch on fire after the crash near Tempe.

The Regional Governor said that the crash was very powerful that it was hard to describe the tragedy.

“The front section of the train was smashed. We’re getting cranes to come in, and special lifting equipment to clear the debris and lift the railcars. There’s debris flung all around the crash site.”


Picture: BBC

At least 50 firefighters and 20 ambulances were at the scene.

The accident was very severe between the trains, and the evacuation process was going through a difficult progress. Rescuers had to work in thick smoke due to the fire to search for trapped victims.

Victims who had been saved described the accident as ‘an earthquake.’ Another revealed how ‘there was panic in the carriage, and people were screaming.’

The spokesperson of the Fire Service expected the total of deaths would arise. There were about 350 passengers on board at the time of the fiery collision.

Sources: South China Morning Post, BBC

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