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iKON World Tour Take Off in Kuala Lumpur Captivates Fans With Electrifying Performance


Over the weekend, iKON, the sensational South Korean boy group, set Axiata Arena ablaze with their highly anticipated 2023 World Tour ‘TAKE OFF’. The arena, accommodating a staggering crowd of 9,000 ecstatic fans, affectionately known as iKONICs, bore witness to iKON’s exceptional live performance skills and unwavering dedication to their supporters. Each show, lasting approximately three hours, delivered an unforgettable party atmosphere for their adoring fans.

The concert kicked off promptly at 8:00 PM, as the exhilarating atmosphere enveloped the stadium. iKON, one of South Korea’s most renowned K-pop groups, took the stage, setting off a night filled with unparalleled energy and captivating performances. The talented members showcased their immense musical prowess, leaving the audience in awe and on the edge of their seats throughout the entire show.


One of the highlights of the evening was the remarkable KONfire ocean, a mesmerizing display of devotion from the fans. The entire stadium was aglow with an ocean of fiery red lights, showing iKON’s immense popularity and loyal fanbase. This breathtaking sight truly emphasized the unwavering support the group enjoys from their dedicated followers. From the euphoric opening notes to the climactic finale, the iKON World Tour Take Off in Kuala Lumpur left an indelible mark on both the fans and the organisers.


The ‘TAKE OFF’ World Tour marks an important milestone for iKON, as it is their first global concert series since transferring to their new home, 143 Entertainment. Despite the absence of one member, Jinhwan who was enlisted 2 days ago for the military, the group was profoundly moved by the overwhelming response from their fans, acknowledging them as the driving force behind their unity and resilience.

The ment time during the concert became a deeply emotional platform for iKON members to express their genuine gratitude and share heartfelt moments with the audience.

Jojo Events and My Events International would like to express their heartfelt gratitude to all the partners who played an integral role in making this event a resounding success. A special mention goes to 8TV, the Official TV Partner, whose collaboration ensured that the concert reached a wider audience across the nation. Additionally, the event benefitted immensely from the support of esteemed Radio Partners including Era FM, Hitz FM, My FM, and Goxuan FM, whose efforts in promoting the concert were instrumental in its overwhelming success.



Jojo Events Sdn Bhd is recognised as the company that delivers quality artists, dependable services and innovative events to its corporate clients, sponsors and agency clients at competitive rates. It’s a wholly-owned Bumiputera company, owned by the flamboyant YAD Tan Sri Syed Yusof Tun Syed Nasir aka Jojo, to his friends and associates, has been promoting concerts of internationally renowned artistes since the mid-90s such as the unforgettable MICHAEL JACKSON HISTORY TOUR.

My Events International is a unique event company that provides the finest solutions and services to clients throughout Malaysia and beyond. The company has been delivering excellence and going beyond limitations for the past 16 years. My Events International has vast experience in organising trade exhibitions, conference, festivals, concerts and gala awards. Its mission is to provide cutting-edge solutions and services while building strong relationships with their clients. More than a decade since establishment, their presence has touched global standards. Over the years, the company have successfully set up base in Malaysia, UAE, India, United Kingdom, Arab Saudi, Philippines, Pakistan, Thailand, Nigeria, South Africa and Rwanda.

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The concert also received extensive coverage from our esteemed Media Partner, Oh My Media, who diligently captured and shared the vibrant atmosphere and memorable moments of the event. Their contributions helped to amplify the excitement surrounding the iKON World Tour Take Off and further solidified its position as a landmark event in the Malaysian entertainment landscape.

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