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Nestlé Harvest Gourmet Launches #LoveAtFirstBite To Commemorate Its Farm-To-Plate Journey


Nestlé Harvest Gourmet, Malaysia’s leading plant-protein food brand launched the #LoveAtFirstBite campaign today, unveiling its authentic farm-to-plate journey narrated through a story of love that delivers a profound impact for the country, environment, people, food and their overall wellness. 

Nestlé Harvest Gourmet introduced its latest and first-of-its-kind plant-protein seafood offering, the Crispy Fish-Free Fingers, as an addition to its product line such as the Nugget, Cutlet, Burger, and Stir Fry Mince. Packed with tasty goodness, the highly sought-after snack is wholesomely filled with plant protein from soy bean and wheat, combined with selected ingredients including paprika, turmeric, and rapeseed oil. The Crispy Fish-Free Fingers are also infused with Italian herbs like oregano and rosemary, not only offering exceptional taste but also being a great source of protein and fibre. It is also free of trans-fat, cholesterol, onion, and garlic, making it a standout choice for vegans, vegetarians, and basically everyone.

#LoveAtFirstBiteFriends of Nestlé Harvest Gourmet, including Arwind Kumar, Dini Schatzmann and Qiu Wen, kicked off the launch with a lively ‘Jom Sembang’ session on the topic of ‘Celebrating Love in Many Ways’. The official launch then began with a surprise appearance by local artist band Resort, serenading the crowd with its L-O-V-E songs as the VIPs launched the #LoveAtFirstBite with seven Nestlé Harvest Gourmet Malaysian Favourite dishes on display, including Crispy Fish-free Fingers with Asam Pedas Sauce, Golden Crispy Nuggets with Curry Mayo Sauce, Chargrilled Satay, Nasi Lemak with Chargrilled Rendang, Buttermilk Cutlet, Sensational Rendang Burger, and Curry-spiced Cutlet.

Speaking at the official launch of the #LoveAtFirstBite event today, Catherine Yap, Head of Nestlé Plant-Based Meal Solutions Malaysia & Singapore, stated, “Recognising the shift towards plant-protein meals, we at Nestlé Harvest Gourmet aimed to cater to the needs of Malaysians embracing a conscious flexitarian lifestyle. This drove us to conceptualise the Crispy Fish-Free Fingers, which offers plant protein with both good taste and ease of preparation. Through our steadfast commitment to utilising natural ingredients, we ensure the production of all our products with authenticity and quality. Introducing the seafood segment further diversifies the plant-protein landscape, providing Malaysians with variety while contributing positively to our planet and fostering a healthier Malaysia.”

The #LoveAtFirstBite weeklong on-ground event presents a diverse range of activities for guests, a true celebration of the Malaysian pride of food, taste, nutrition and sustainability. 

Immersive ‘Farm-to-Plate’ Experience Showcase

As you step into the Immersive Experience Zone, get ready to be mesmerised with visuals and sound effects that bring to life the meticulous journey of how the Crispy Fish-Free Fingers are prepared from plant-protein ingredients, the pride of local production, and the mastery of recipe fine-tuned for the Malaysian palate. The inspiring film envelops visitors into the world of Nestlé Harvest Gourmet, beginning with visual glimpses of nature through plantation and crops and seamlessly transitions into the ready-to-serve Crispy Fish-Free Fingers. 

Malaysian Favourite’s Culinary Showcase 

As we celebrate Malaysia’s 66 years of independence, culture and unity, the event also proudly showcased Malaysians’ favourite nasi lemak prepared in a giant-sized Jalur Gemilang made with Nestlé Harvest Gourmet plant-protein powered products. Nestlé Professional Chefs Salihin and Calvin prepared the local favourite sambal dish with Nestlé Harvest Gourmet Sensational Burger Sambal and the Crispy Fish-free Fingers with Nasi Kerabu.

Pop-up Café with Limited-Time-Offer Merdeka Special Menu


Drop by and sample specially curated Malaysian Favourites plant-protein meals that celebrate our spirit of unity and love for good food. Crispy Fish-free Fingers topped with Asam Pedas Sauce, Golden Crispy Nuggets topped with Curry Mayo Sauce, Chargrilled Satay, Nasi Lemak with Chargrilled Rendang, Buttermilk Cutlet, Sensational Rendang Burger, and Curry-spiced Cutlet are among the mouth-watering dishes you can try.  

Serenading performances 

Join us and groove to the tunes of local artists Resort, Airliftz, Leaism, Talitha Tan and Jaie who are set to perform throughout the weeklong celebration. 

Nestlé’s Harvest Gourmet invites all Malaysians to join the #LoveAtFirstBite event to savour the delectable plant-protein powered meals and transition to healthier choices for yourself and the environment.  

For more information about #LoveAtFirstBite, please visit

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