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Domino’s Pizza Honors Malaysians In Full Merdeka And Hari Malaysia Spirits

Domino's Pizza

As Malaysia marks its National Day and Malaysia Day, Domino’s Pizza steps forward and embraces the spirit of Merdeka, uniting Malaysians from all walks of life. This year, in a special tribute, Domino’s ‘Piza Rakyat’ showcases the brand’s expression of love for Malaysia and Malaysians.

Domino’s Pizza, in collaboration with renowned local artist Cloakwork designed the ‘Piza Rakyat’ mural as a visual representation in honor of Malaysians. Drawing inspiration from the classic proved, ‘berat sama dipikul, ringan sama dijinjing’, the mural potrays the essence of unity and shared experiences. Located near Central Market the mural echoes the depth of heritage and Merdeka spirit with much of the nation’s historical beginnings within this area, set to uplift the spirits and embrace our nation’s unique culture and identity among passerby.

Anchored by Domino’s promise of ‘It’s All About You’, the mural showcases various offerings,innovative and customer centric products as well as services offered all Malaysians through the years.Among them include ‘Pandu Ambil’ and pioneering the online food delivery service sector in Malaysia, all while maintaining their expertise of delivering fresh hot pizzas free of charge.

Picture: Cloakwork

Each character on the mural echoes relatable faces that Malaysians have and cherish in their lives, embodying the spirit of a diverse and colorful community represented with a twist on Domino’s popular menu favorites. To the left stands ‘Ban-Anna-Kaya’, inspired by Domino’s local creation of the Banana kaya dessert. With a penchant for the finer things, she splurges without hesitation and always opts for a la carte. Aloha Chin-Yen, the Domino’s deal hunter,was inspired by Aloha Chicken, a much-loved Domino’s Pizza. She has knack for sniffing out the best deals, she knows value when she sees it. Rounding out the group is Extrava-hamzah,a twist from another popular pizza, the Extravaganzza. Aptly named for his love of getting extra value out of everything, his favorite day is Tuesday as that is when his beloved Domino’s pizzas are priced at just RM4.90, making it a treat for both his palate and pocket. The mural perfectly captures the different customers that have all supported Domino’s journey in Malaysia,a journey deeply intertwined with the nation’s growth and unity.

Abang DOM, abbreviated as “Dependable, Ohsem on Motorbike”, is showcased in the mural, as a testament tothe opportunities that Domino’s Pizza offers to the Malaysians via employment and career opportunities, empowering them to scale to greater heights.

Linda Hassan, Group Chief Marketing Officer, Domino’s Pizza Malaysia, Singapore, and Cambodia said, “We are proud to stand together with Malaysia for over 26 years. Domino’s has grown with Malaysians, sharing value, celebrating successes, understanding, and addressing challenges – truly living up to the core promise of It’s All About You. We understand and embrace our customers every step of the way and the mural is a visual representation of our love for Malaysians, to celebrate the strong unity that remains unshaken.”

“‘Piza Rakyat’ is more than the mural itself. Our pride extends via our collaboration the talented local artist, Cloakwork. What’s more, the mural art isn’t just confined to the wall, as Malaysians nationwide can now take a piece of the Merdeka and Hari Malaysia spirit home through our exclusive Domino’s x Cloakwork limited edition merchandise, available with the purchase of selected Fuyoh meal sets. With every brushstroke, the mural narrates Domino’s deep-rooted bond with Malaysia, commemorating 26 years of togetherness,” Linda continued.

As a token of appreciation to Malaysians and in commemorating the Merdeka and Hari Malaysia celebrations, the mural has been adapted to limited edition collectables. Malaysians can grab limited-edition Domino’s x Cloakwork merchandise from 30 August to 30 September with selected purchases of the Fuyoh meal set from as low as RM10 per person, available at all Domino’s outlets nationwide.

Chern Loo of Cloakwork shared his journey of bringing this artwork to life, “Designing this mural was like illustrating the lives of our people. Each stroke was inspired by diversity and harmonious spirit. I hope Malaysians will appreciate the vibrant aesthetics of the mural and delve deeper into its message of unity, shared experiences, and the rich tapestry of our nation’s culture. It’s a celebration of who we are and a reminder of our collective spirits and the warmth that brands like Domino’s bring to our lives. More importantly, it reminds us of how strong we are and what we can achieve together.”

Beyond the celebratios with its customers, Domino’s Merdeka spirit was clearly demonstrated by its employees. Stores across the country were adorned with the Malaysian flag, proudly displayed, and employees donned vibrant Merdeka-themed outfits. To honor Malaysia’s 66th Independence Day, Domino’s also held a pizza-making competition, allowing staff to express their national pride through their culinary creations which resulted in beautiful representation of Malaysia using pizza topping ingredients.

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