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HOMESOY Donates RM50,000 To Cancer Research Malaysia In Conjunction With Breast Cancer Awareness Month


Every 11 seconds, one Asian alarmingly dies of cancer. One in about 20 Malaysian women will develop breast cancer in her lifetime, with 8,418 new cases reported annually and 23 new cases each day. Recognising the importance of raising awareness and making a difference in breast cancer, HOMESOY recently presented a cheque of RM50,000 to Cancer Research Malaysia (CRMY) to support their advancement in breast cancer research. 

The donation is part of HOMESOY’s ongoing initiatives to raise breast cancer awareness. For every pack of HOMESOY 3.0 Soya Milk sold, RM0.10 will be donated to breast cancer research. 

“At Ace Canning Soya Nutrition Unit, we recognise the need to raise public awareness about breast cancer and underscore the critical importance of prevention and early detection. We are dedicated to supporting initiatives that lead to breast cancer awareness. Through our collaboration with CRMY, we also aim to support breast cancer prevention research to establish a link between soya consumption and reduced breast cancer risk in Malaysia,” said Soo Sek Yow, Head of Soya Nutrition Unit of Ace Canning. 

Breast cancer remains the leading cause of cancer deaths for Malaysian women. It is estimated that over nine individuals die of breast cancer every day, amounting to 3,500 deaths annually, according to the Malaysian Study on Cancer Survival (MySCan) in 2018.


Ms Soo Sek Yow, Head of Soya Nutrition Unit, Ace Canning Corporation Sdn Bhd during her health talk on “Soya Nutrition in Reducing the Risk of Breast Cancer”.

Soo Sek Yow, Head of Soya Nutrition Unit of Ace Canning presented on Soya Nutrition in Reducing the Risk of Breast Cancer, “Scientific studies suggest an association between soya consumption and a reduced risk of breast cancer. Research has revealed that this association may be attributed to the presence of natural compounds in soya beans, specifically isoflavones, which belong to a group of phytonutrients. Isoflavones are structurally different and significantly weaker than human oestrogen, but they compete with natural oestrogen, thus limiting oestrogen activity in our body and may help to reduce the risk of breast cancer.”


Mr Andy Khoo Boo Teik, Chief Executive Officer, Cancer Research Malaysia shared in his speech that the donation will be able to provide strong support for publicising the significance of cancer research.

“With the continuous advancement of medical research, survival from cancer has doubled in the last 50 years. Today, at least one in two cancer patients will be cured of the disease. This contribution by HOMESOY can add value to and provide strong support for publicising the significance of and realise impactful outcomes from cancer research. Together, we both hope to make a lasting impact in the fight against cancer and save more lives from cancer,” said Andy Khoo, Chief Executive Officer of CRMY.


Professor Datin Paduka Dr. Teo Soo-Hwang, Chief Scientific Officer, Cancer Research Malaysia shared educational insights on “Preventing Breast Cancer In Asian Women”.

As Professor Datin Paduka Dr Teo Soo-Hwang, Chief Scientific Officer of CRMY emphasised during her talk on Preventing Breast Cancer In Asian Women, “Breast cancer incidence in Asia is increasing mainly due to changes in reproductive and lifestyle factors. Today, more Asians die of breast cancer compared to the rest of the world combined. To date, breast cancer prevention has been difficult because the majority of research is done in Europeans, and little is known about breast cancer prevention in Asians, where the dietary and lifestyle factors are different.”

“Pregnancy and breastfeeding also play a significant role in reducing breast cancer risk. HOMESOY 3.0 Soya Milk, with its superior nutritional profile, supports mothers on a healthy pregnancy and breastfeeding journey by providing high protein content, including high-quality soya protein, offering superior-tasting soya milk without added sugar and fortifications of dietary fibre, calcium, and vitamins A & D,” Soo added. 

In conjunction with the HOMESOY Pink October campaign, HOMESOY is also collaborating with major hospitals to raise public awareness and encourage regular screening of breast cancer. The campaign runs from 1 – 31 October 2023 and free HOMESOY 3.0 Soya Milk will be provided to all women who undergo breast mammogram screening at selected hospitals, including Columbia Asia, Gleneagles Medical Centre, KPJ Damansara 2 Specialist Hospital, Prince Court Medical Centre, Sunway Medical Centre and more. Through their HOMESOY hospital initiative, they also provide free HOMESOY 3.0 Soya Milk to mothers in the maternity ward as part of a healthy, balanced diet to ensure optimal nourishment during breastfeeding and support their increased protein and calcium needs.

For further information on the campaign, please visit HOMESOY’s Official Website

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