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PUBG Mobile Esports, Creating Infinite Opportunities For Fans And Pro Players


“How do we create engaging Esports stories that are loved by many?” This is the question posed by Oliver Ye, Head of Southeast Asia Publishing & Esports at PUBG MOBILE, during his presentation at Gamescom Asia 2023 on October 19, 2023. 

The presentation, titled “From Zero to Infinite: Building a Sustainable Esports Ecosystem for Southeast Asia,” delved into the essential components of the Esports ecosystem, while emphasizing the importance of optimizing the competition structure to align with the levels of Esports development in different countries. He also highlighted the significance of effectively linking game development to foster the growth of game data and creating a mutually beneficial environment for all ecosystem stakeholders.

Ye shared his insights on how to create engaging Esports stories that will capture the hearts of many. He believes there are three main elements to a good story: The Stage, Script, and Actors. The Stage represents the Esports system, the Actors are the pro players, the Stars our audience sees on stage, as well as the countless people behind the scenes. Crafting a compelling script involves navigating various confrontations.

“We are constantly observing and joining in our local fans’ conversations – to see their latest reactions and buzz about our Esports scene. We can never escape from the ‘hot’ topics or comments that initiate lots of engagement and divide the community of fans. Understanding the latest topics or points of conversation allows us to engage with our fans effectively, create meaningful content, and help them reminisce about the many wonderful moments we have witnessed in PUBG MOBILE Esports,” said Ye.


Beyond the standard display of statistics and the dominance of a star player, Ye believes it is important to dig deeper. “More than just the standard use of data and statistics, PUBG MOBILE Esports has covered more than just rivalries and fan art of our beloved players. Using trends and videos, we have also been guiding ‘confrontations’ from our Esports fans. It’s important for us, the organizers, to lead and capitalize on these debates, shifting them into healthier and more interesting directions,” he added.

Ye also discusses how PUBG MOBILE Esports has been instrumental in helping teams build their brands, and some have even become bigger, such as RRQ, BTR, and more. “At this partnership level too, we have expanded our cooperation to more than just traditional mobile phone brands and FMCG brands. We emphasise localisation and collaboration with local fashion clothing brands and more. This has helped our operations run more smoothly and engage more easily with the local audience,” he said.


To conclude his presentation, Ye hopes that all the elements in his inspiring and insightful presentation will spark the audience to create their own engaging stories.

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