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Applecrumby®’s PureBasicsTM Diapers: A New Era of Affordable, Safe Baby Care

Applecrumby®, Malaysia’s international health and wellness baby brand, offers a wide range of safe, natural, and affordable baby essentials. Inspired by parents and driven by the scarcity of safe, high- quality baby products in the market, Applecrumby® was founded on the mission to provide peace of mind and support to new parents. With its range of affordable, high- quality baby diapers and products, Applecrumby® is making it easier for parents to give their babies the best possible start in life.

Applecrumby® diapers are 100% Totally Chlorine-Free and made with their GreenCore-DryTM technology to keep your baby dry and comfortable without harmful chemicals. The founders of Applecrumby® were inspired to create their own safe and natural baby products when they couldn’t find any that met their standards. Now, their diapers are helping families across the world provide their babies the best possible care.

Building on the success of their award-winning diapers, Applecrumby® is now introducing PureBasicsTM, a new range of affordable diapers that are 100% Totally Chlorine-Free and made with their GreenCore-DryTM technology. This means that parents can give their babies the same trusted safety and comfort without breaking the bank. Inspired by mothers like Jesmine Tan, who co-founded Applecrumby® because she couldn’t find safe and affordable diapers for her own family, PureBasicsTM diapers make it possible for more families to give their babies a healthy and happy start in life.

With PureBasicsTM, Applecrumby® is making it possible for every parent to give their baby a healthy and happy start in life, regardless of their circumstances.

Applecrumby® is now available at Dagee Baby in Sri Muda, Shah Alam!

Parents can now see and feel Applecrumby’s high-quality, safe, and affordable baby products in person at the new store-in-store section. Applecrumby® diapers, for example, are made with natural pulp from Finland and are globally lab-certified 100% Totally Chlorine-Free. They also soak up well for up to 12 hours of wetness, ensuring babies stay dry so both parents and baby can have a peaceful night’s sleep.

Applecrumby® Launches “Return – Recycle – Repeat” Program to Create a Sustainable Future for Babies

Applecrumby® is taking action to help the planet, and they’re inviting parents to join them at Dagee Baby in Sri Muda, Shah Alam. Applecrumby® is launching a “Return – Recycle – Repeat” program. Parents can bring back 8 used Applecrumby® bottles or tubes and, in return, they can pick up any cleaning or skincare product for just RM8.

“This is not just a promotion, it is a promise,” says Sean Tan, co-founder of Applecrumby®. “We care about giving kids not only the best now but also a cleaner world to grow up in.”


Applecrumby® is celebrating its 11th anniversary this October, and to show their gratitude to their loyal customers, they’re offering some amazing deals both online and in-store. As Jesmine Tan, co-founder of Applecrumby®, puts it, “This is not just an anniversary for us. It is a big ‘thank you’ to all the parents who have believed in us and let us be a part of their special journey with their kids.”

  • Experience the gentle embrace of PureBasics:
  • Visit our store-in-store concept at Dagee Baby:
    • –  No. 8 &10, Jalan Setia 25/65, Taman Sri Muda, 40400 Shah Alam, Selangor
    • –  Our IG post on our store-in-store:
    • –  Dagee Baby Official:
  • Embark on a sustainable journey with Applecrumby®:
  • Explore our anniversary specials and dive into a world where safety, affordability, and quality come together:

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