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An Intimate Night With Fabio Asher & Aizat Amdan

Fabio Asher and Aizat Amdan

Tanjak Adventure & Tour is back with its 2024 plans, organizing the concert ‘An Intimate Night With Fabio Asher and Aizat Amdan,’ featuring the collaboration of two renowned singers familiar to music enthusiasts in Malaysia and Indonesia. The concert will be held at JioSpace, Petaling Jaya on 24th February 2024 starting at 8:00pm

This marks the first meet, aquintances and shared stage performance for Fabio Asher and Aizat Amdan. However, both artists have already begun working to deliver the best show for their fans.

An estimated 30 songs will be presented during the concert, with several being performed as duets by both artists in a very special collaboration session. Fans attending the concert will experience an intimate performance from Fabio and Aizat.

Fabio Asher and Aizat Amdan

For Aizat, who has been in the music industry for 17 years, it has been quite a while since he held a full-scale concert. He aims to make the concert an event that strengthens his connection with fans who have consistently supported his career.

As For Fabio, holding his third concert in Kuala Lumpur, he undoubtedly wants to provide a unique experience for his fans. Sharing the stage with Aizat will undoubtedly bring a different dynamic to Fabio’s performance this time.

Fabio Asher and Aizat Amdan

Tickets to attend this concert can be obtained at 

The tickets are divided into 4 categories: Category A (standing), Category B (standing), Category C (standing), and Category D Upper Tier (seated). Ticket prices starts from only RM198.

As organizer, Tanjak Global’s goal is to host concerts that provide a meaningful experience for the audience. For 2024, Tanjak Global plans to organize more concerts showcasing creative collaborations between Malaysian and Indonesian artists that are more planned and unique, going beyond merely sharing the stage in one concert.

Further information and various special announcements can be found by following the Facebook and Instagram pages – Tanjak Adventure Tour.

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