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Maxim E-hailing Helps Students To Live At Their Own Expenses

gig economy

The gig economy becomes a lifestyle choice when everyone is looking for part-time jobs, especially now when the opportunity is wide open and easy to access. This includes the e-hailing industry where anyone who has a vehicle can make money. According to an article from The Malaysian Reserve, e-hailing has become an important source of employment with 18 million trips as of 2018.

The biggest advantages of working part-time are increased free time, flexible schedules, opportunities for easy income, pursuing personal interests, and gaining diverse work experience. Furthermore, e-hailing is also a job that suits anyone who doesn’t like to work all day at the office but needs money to survive. According to Maxim’s research, several groups of people did e-hailing part-time, and this includes students, women with kids, and anyone looking for extra income. 

Maxim E-hailing specialists conducted interview sessions with 30 students and asked about their experience in student life and part-time jobs. Below are several opinions from local university students about it. 

I use the money that I get as a partner driver to pay my tuition fees and on daily expenses at the university. This  can help me reduce the burden on my family. Not only that, but I also enjoy it and take this as a life experience. Spending my extra time doing beneficial things is one of the things that I learned from my father who also does e-hailing as his part-time job,” says Farhat, a student of UITM Kedah.

“Students also have their obligations: I have to pay my tuition fees and car loan on top of daily expenses. Doing a part-time job helps me pay my monthly obligations, and sometimes I get extra money to shop,” says a student of the University Malaysia Kelantan.

Students usually work after their classes end, during weekends and semester breaks. In addition, the approximate amount of daily income is around RM50 to RM100, which they use for daily expenses and tuition fees.

Two years ago my close friend introduced me to Maxim, and I’ve been loyal to Maxim since then. This is because the company offers several benefits to its partners, together with good customer service. The journey with Maxim is so smooth and it’s easy to make extra money,” says Muhammad Faizal, a student of UITM Shah Alam.

Moreover, the interesting part is that most of them would like to continue to do part-time jobs with Maxim even after they graduate and get permanent jobs. This is because of the flexibility of the job and unlimited income.

“I’m currently in the last semester of my degree, and I plan to join a legal firm in the future as my permanent job and continue to drive with Maxim e-hailing part-time. This is because I enjoy being a driver as that gives me space to be myself,” says Nurul Ain, a student at University Malaya. 

The research showed that Maxim E-hailing played a great role in the e-hailing industry which is a part of the gig economy. That gives people the opportunity to do short-term work and earn enough money.

Work With Maxim

To join as a partner driver, you need to complete a few documents and get certain licenses, as well as download a mobile application. Here is the list of documents to be prepared and uploaded to the application:

  1. Original copy of MyKad (blue).
  2. Original copy of Competent Driving License (CDL) which must be valid for more than one (1) year.
  3. PSV License
  • 1 color photo (white background) with dimensions of 25 mm x 32 mm
  • Medical Check-Up
  • JPJL8A Form
  • JPJL12 Form
  • JPJL2C Certificate

To estimate the income from trips, Maxim also came up with an income calculator where partner drivers get the chance to calculate their target income. The tool is available on the website and allows one to plan trips more wisely and efficiently. 

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