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Sunway Multicare Pharmacy And Sunway XFarms Launch Immunity Boosting Tea Collection

Sunway Multicare Pharmacy
Sunway Multicare Pharmacy general manager Ricky Lim Li Qi (left) and Sunway XFarms chief operating officer Eleanor Choong (right) recommend the Green Bliss tea collection due to its vitamins, antioxidant rich and anti-inflammatory ingredients, suitable for those with busy lifestyles, digestive issues and weak immune systems.

Sunway Multicare Pharmacy and Sunway XFarms collaborate to launch a healthy tea collection to help individuals with busy lifestyles, digestive issues and weak immune systems receive their daily required intake of vitamins. 

The respective Research & Development teams from Sunway Multicare Pharmacy and Sunway XFarms, along with third-party experts explored various recipes to deliver maximum health benefits with an all-natural ingredient recipe, all while retaining a refined, pleasant taste.  

For those finding themselves lacking in energy, struggling with a diminished appetite, or feeling prone to infections, these teas are aimed to help with digestive stimulation and an immunity boost when consumed daily. Whether it is for an unbalanced diet, irregular eating pattern, or make up for inadequate physical exercise, GreenBliss teas offer a natural way to address overall health and general well-being.

Kale, which is known as the King of Greens, is the main ingredient rich with calcium, fiber, prebiotics, vitamins A, C, K, and antioxidants. Sunway XFarms supplies fresh kale that is sustainably grown in a fully controlled, indoor smart farm and is certified pesticide-free. The crops are harvested at peak nutrition and flavour before being delivered directly from the farm for extraction. 

Sunway Multicare Pharmacy

Sunway XFarms chief operating officer Eleanor Choong (left) who introduced the GreenBliss tea collection alongside Sunway Multicare Pharmacy general manager Ricky Lim Li Qi (right), shared that the collaboration was part of Sunway XFarms’ aspirations to serve their sustainable produce in various forms for people to obtain their key active nutrients.

“We want to serve sustainable produce in various forms so that people can consume and obtain their key active nutrients not just from fresh salads, but in all kinds of foods and beverages”, says Sunway XFarms chief operations officer Eleanor Choong.

A closer look at the GreenBliss Kale Teas

  • Diett-tea: A special blend of Kale, Green Tea, Bamboo Leaf extract and Stevia, this tranquil tea has an earthy & grassy taste. It helps to improve digestion and stimulate effective toxins removal from the body.
  • Alkali-tea: A unique combination of Kale, Rooibos Tea, Inulin, Bamboo leaves, fructose and stevia. This cooling & calming tea boost digestion for effective toxin removal and nutrient absorption, as well as promote good acid-alkali balance.
  • Imuni-tea: An exotic infusion of Kale, Lemongrass, Goji Berry, Galangal, Inulin, Bamboo leaves, stevia and fructose. This sweet yet savoury tea is blended with immunity-boosting herbs that are anti-viral, anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, anti-microbial, and antiseptic.

The GreenBliss Kale Teas are available at all Sunway Multicare Pharmacy retail stores, as well as online at These teas can be purchased at over 100 Sunway Multicare Pharmacy stores located throughout Malaysia.

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