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7 Foods to Avoid for Sensitive Dental Owners

For owners of sensitive teeth, eating becomes uncomfortable. One of eating food, teeth can suddenly feel achy.
Dental health expert Frank Catanese says sensitive teeth can be temporary or permanent.
The best way to overcome this is to use a special paste for sensitive teeth. Also, owners of sensitive teeth can avoid contact with certain foods and drinks, such as the following.

1. Orange

Reduce the consumption of fruits of citrus family members such as oranges, lemons, limes, and grapefruit. The sour taste of the citrus family fruits can erode tooth enamel.
“Citric acid will destroy anyone’s teeth. However, this substance will have a more severe impact on people with thin tooth enamel,” explained Catanese.

2. Soda

Soda is one drink that must be avoided by owners of sensitive teeth. Soda contains two ingredients such as sugar and acid which can irritate the nerves of open teeth.

3. Ice cream

This food is a favorite. However, owners of sensitive teeth should avoid the consumption of ice cream.
Not only because it is cold, but the sugar content in it will also affect sensitive teeth. “Sugar can make teeth more sensitive,” said dental health expert Jordan Taylor, citing Everyday Health.
Insensitive teeth, a thin layer of enamel. Without enamel, nerves become easily exposed to food, causing an uncomfortable sensation when eating.

4. Caramel

Sweet snacks like candy or caramel can be bad for sensitive teeth. Apart from the sugar content, the following foods have a sticky texture and are easy to stick to teeth.
“Foods that are very sweet and sticky can stimulate nerves in the teeth. These nerves are similar to tooth enamel, but are not too hard, and have microscopic holes that can eventually open wide,” explained Eugene Gamble, a specialist in periodontics and oral surgery in the UK.

5. Tomatoes

Tomatoes are a great source of vitamin C besides strawberries or oranges. However, dental health expert Victoria Veytsman warns that high acid content in tomatoes should be avoided by sensitive tooth owners. Both raw tomatoes and tomato sauce can cause discomfort in the teeth.

6. Hot coffee
Extreme temperatures can make sensitive tooth owners uncomfortable. Hot coffee can make your teeth ache and ache. The pain can be worse when coffee is mixed with sugar. Taylor suggests replacing sugar with milk to reduce the temperature and acidity of coffee.

7. Hard candy
Be careful when consuming hard textured foods including sweets. Not a good idea to bite food like candy or lollipops with sensitive teeth.

Source: CNN Indonesia

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