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Coronavirus: Can A Program Be Organized in The Public Places? This Is KKM’s Answer

COVID-19 or coronavirus was an infection that we must pay attention to. It is an infection that infected many people, not just Malaysia but also all around the world.

Tweets by the Ministry Of Health Malaysia (KKM) recently were related to the infection. It was about if a program with many participants to be organized, can it be in a public area? And, what should be done by participants? KKM has provided the answers to both questions.

Appropriate organization of programs:

  1. Organizers can still do it in the public area. Any cancellation action is subject to evaluation and decision by the organizers.
  2. It is taking into account the ability of the organizer to take precautionary measures to prevent coronavirus from spreading among participants
  3. Action should be taken by participants and organizers to prevent the spread of coronavirus outbreaks during the program.

Picture via KKMPutrajaya


  1. KKM stated that if you have respiratory tract infections, just stay at home to prevent contagious infections.
  2. Practicing coughing etiquette.
  3. Always take care of your hygiene, especially frequent handwashing properly.
  4. Always bring face mask and hand sanitizer to use when needed

Picture via KKMPutrajaya

Program organizer actions:

  1. Perform fever screening among participants, do not allow any participant to participate in the program if they are diagnosed with a fever or respiratory tract infection
  2. Provide hand sanitizer in sufficient quantities and are strategically placed for participants to use.
  3. Stay up-to-date on the incidence of coronavirus infections and follow the precautionary measures and controls from websites that recommended and related to the Ministry of Health Malaysia

Picture via KKMPutrajaya

According to what @KKMPutrajaya stated on its tweets, we all must stay alert and keep clean especially when in public areas to prevent the infection from keep spreading.

Source: @KKMPutrajaya

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