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Coronovirus: Quarantined Hairdresser Cuts Customer’s Hair Through Window

A 65-year-old beautician has been caught on camera styling clients through banished windows in China during the coronavirus lockdown.

She concocted the arrangement after her customers weren’t prohibited from entering her structure as a component of the isolate measures planned to forestall the spread of the dangerous illness.

The retired person, known by her surname Hou, said a few clients had mentioned her to trim their hair through the window after she shut her hair salon in the wake of the episode.

“I needed to stick my hands out and remain on a little seat to trim their hair. It was depleting,” Ms. Hou told the nearby press.

One of her customers was said to have asked Ms. Hou multiple times before she consented to trim his hair from the window.

The resigned beautician has been filling in as a road hairdresser outside her home in Zhengzhou, Henan Province of focal China for longer than 10 years.

“I haven’t raised the costs for quite a long time,” the female hairstylist disclosed to Pear Video.

A hairstyle for men at Ms. Hou’s expenses as low as three yuan (RM1.60) while the normal cost for a men’s trim in Beijing is £4.01, as indicated by reports.

Road stylists are a typical sight in the old neighborhoods around China, offering fast hairstyles with stopgap arrangements.

They can likewise be seen in different nations including India, Vietnam, and Cuba.

Source: Daily Mail Online

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