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COVID-19: Malaysians in Finland Can Return Home

KUALA LUMPUR: Malaysians in Finland who wish to return home are still in the position to do so as the country’s government has yet to enforce a flight ban, as the world faces a COVID-19 outbreak.

The Malaysian Embassy in Helsinki said Helsinki International Airport, Mariehamn Airport on Åland Island and Turku Airport still provide international flight services.

“Malaysians can still get out of Finland via this airport. Just make sure the flight is not canceled, ”the embassy told BERNAMA.

On the fate of eight Malaysian tourists reportedly stranded in Helsinki, the embassy said they had left for Malaysia via Istanbul, Turkey.

The embassy said that not all 390 registered citizens would like to return to Malaysia because some were married to locals and worked in Finland.

“So far the Finnish government has not imposed a curfew. However, advise everyone to take precautionary measures such as avoiding being in a public place and practicing hygiene.

“Although the town looks calm. Malaysians need to obey the orders issued by the authorities, ”the statement added.

Sources: BERNAMA

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