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Do Glasses Worsen Your Eyesight or Is that a Myth?

Each of us must have friends who exchange their glasses regularly, right? Some of us, wearing glasses can make our eyes worse. Is it true? If you want to know, then follow the article further.

Myths about glasses
There are many reasons why people who are blind don’t want to use specs. They may be ridiculed by their friends, disliked by their appearance, uncomfortable with their frames or more comfortable wearing contact lenses.

Or, they believe in a very interesting myth that the use of these glasses can make the eyes worse. Is this myth a scientific fact or a mere myth?

Facts or Myths
According to Michael J. Duerr, an eye specialist from Rochester Hills, Michigan, wearing glasses won’t make your eyes worse! According to him, its use depends on the degree of blurred or blurred eyes. It’s just a tool that helps your brain get a clearer vision without damaging any of its functions.


So, where did this myth come from? It may be due to the individual’s thoughts. For eyeglass wearers, you will see the world around you fading as you open it, right? It is this kind of situation that makes us believe that our eyes are getting worse after wearing glasses.

Our eyes aren’t damaged. According to the American Academy of Ophthalmology, it’s more about your situation than relying on glasses to see things. So when you open it, you will feel that your eyes are damaged when it is the opposite.

So don’t be afraid to wear glasses
As a wearer, don’t worry about wearing them. A myth without a scientific explanation like this shouldn’t be believed. Instead, don’t be afraid to wear glasses because they will not damage your eyes.

Even so, you have to worry about the power of glasses growing every year, right? Don’t worry, yes. The improvement is not due to the deterioration of the eyes due to the use of glasses but due to the increase in age.

In conclusion, don’t worry if your eyesight is blurred when you open your glasses. Also, don’t worry about the increase in the power of your glasses year after year. It is normal as our eyes become less and less as we age. So, don’t be weird if your friends exchange specs later, okay?

Source : Nvision

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