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Heartbroken Mom Banned To Accompany Baby Struggling To Breathe Due To Positive Covid-19

Picture via Mirror UK

A mother is prevented from sitting on the bed of her baby because of quarantine rules to prevent coronavirus spread.

The woman said her two-month-old daughter showed no symptoms before falling ill. She uploaded a picture of her daughter breathing through breathing apparatus on social media.

The woman and her partner were asked to isolate themselves after their baby was positively diagnosed with coronavirus.

She added that her daughter seems to be ‘stuck’ and then ‘screaming’ for a few minutes before struggling to breathe properly.

When paramedics arrived at her home in Lexington, South Carolina, her baby oxygen level dropped to 58.

“They say that babies will sometimes become cold instead of fever.

“She was in the ventilation area and was sedated to give her lungs rested.”

“I have no symptoms and I will be resting for 11 to 14 days,” she said.

South Carolina has 342 confirmed coronavirus cases. There have been 65, 701 confirmed cases across the United States so far, making it the third-largest country behind Italy and China.

Source: Mirror UK

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