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LATEST: Government Provides RM 100 Million To MOH For Medical Supports And Hire 2,000 Contract Staff

The prime minister announced an additional allocation of RM 500 million for the purchase of medical products such as ventilators, PPE self-protection labs for COVID-19 screening today.

“In order to expedite the purchase of this critical item, the government has approved the emergency purchase,” he said.

The Government has also allocated RM 100 million for the Ministry of Health to appoint contract staff.

“All staff in the hospital were tired because they have to work a double shift from night until morning to treat those who are positively diagnosed.”[0]=68.ARAMfDcOS3hnVNek7K5QCcqkq0tRKs3WsTaZoCsxU5KbTl77p-EnKo3lNpFiMP4t-5NYPrrzZ629jtDFxq6cL90ugy5ExxmY4f0tPrChtLib9-X_x4JWJdaIkiv3L7a8xpPyhHNMafAta7ERJKGnovYZsC4m5HNT9eartpcAOLWn1RJjlO8oD9Ei_GR8ysfLPa4wNwWlBW5AsIhUWDrPmdxzKoEQbVz0B8_yNSnhnAHWgAjSR3h53_-S0p_hBqfNM2LL3egfV-xbhYQd8cwkoKmmgG7juTvvdlFzn_RnigOSjHwP4Mj85z3XZKLUhGrKE3t4zd-_bWIz8bcsRrtOGwOo8r9LLEqtGgs&__tn__=-R

Sources: RTM

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