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Maya Karin Promotes Healthy Lifestyle During Movement Control Order

Picture via BERNAMA

KUALA LUMPUR, March 23 — Ever since Prime Minister Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin reminded Malaysians to just stay at home to contain the COVID-19 pandemic last Monday, netizens found a plethora of creative ways to spend their time at home.

While many are working from home, cooking or doing house chores, popular actress, Maya Karin spent the fourth day of the enforcement of the Movement Control Order (MCO)  by working out in the comfort of her balcony with her fans via visual media.

The 40 year-old celebrity took to her Instagram account to do a second live broadcast of her workout session, after having done it last Wednesday, prompting her followers to join in the workout.

The half hour live session, which garnered 223 viewers, aimed to promote a healthy lifestyle to her followers during these trying times, proving that the German-Malaysian born celebrity has the resilience to execute her normal exercise regime.

Maya kicked off the session by warming up with a slight jog, followed by a series of exercises, including star jumps, push-up, leg races, planking and burpees.

She also took the opportunity to entertain questions from her fans who followed the live session.

“Go slowly, as long as you can feel it,” she replied to her audience, in particular to comments posted by @Farhanabylah: “hahaha….still 15 seconds” and @Farisharudin: “semput” (out of breath).

Many viewers were in awe by her physical strength and applauded her effort in giving to avid Instagrammers on how to spend their time wisely at home.

“Idea terbaik untuk aktiviti berkurung (Good idea for a curfew activity),” said @BangZuki.

@_zeeraraz said: “Rajin betul kak Maya exercise…jaga kesihatan (How diligent you are in exercising Maya…take care of your health)” while @_msblack90 commented: “All the way kak Maya,”

While doing a one-minute planking, the Pontianak Harum Sundal Malam movie star proudly mentioned that her 64-year-old mother has the strength to do two-minutes of planking.

“I could not match my mom’s feat…my family prioritises healthy habits…my dad is still climbing mountains,” quipped Maya.

She also encouraged her viewers to upload their own workout videos by tagging her official account @maya_karin with the hashtag #stayfitwithmaya and that she would repost it on her Instagram Story.

Meanwhile, Maya divulged that she will return in the third installment of Pontianak Harum Sundal Malam soon.

“As a pontianak, you need to jump from a tree to another tree and do a proper landing, that is why it is important for me to stay fit to live up to the character,” she said towards the end of her live session.


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