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Pagoh’s People Praise Muhyiddin For The Changes

Picture via Astro AWANI

MUAR, March 1  — Tan Sri Muhyiddin, who swore in as the 8th Prime Minister of Malaysia, is not only known for his pleasant personality but also as a key figure who brings development to Pagoh, which has been enjoyed by the community.

Jorak Pagoh sub-district headman, Mohd Ishak Khalil, 57 said he still remembered how Pagoh was often referred to as a ghost town in 1980s due to its lack of development.

When met by Bernama, he said things began to change for the better when Muhyiddin joined the Federal Government cabinet, starting with the Minister of Youth and Sports until he assumed the post of Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Education in 2015.

While leading these ministries, Muhyiddin was always making sure of development in Pagoh including the construction of the National Youth Skills Institute (IKBN) Pagoh, Pagoh Sports Complex and Pagoh Higher Education Hub (HPTP).

The Pagoh MP also promoted his constituency as an agricultural area as he realised the huge potential of the sector.

“Today, after many phases of development, we can be proud that Pagoh is no longer a small town. Many Malaysians are aware of its existence since the establishment of the Pagoh Higher Education Hub (HPTP) here.

“Business opportunities and employment among the locals have also grown significantly, as a result of the influx of university students here,” said Mohd Ishak.

He is optimistic that with Muhyiddin’s latest appointment, Pagoh will continue to develop in future for the well-being of the people.

Meanwhile, Jayor village chief Muharam Mahat, 49, said the recent development of the HPTP allowed the local community to run a homestay business.

“No one expected this to happen in Pagoh but this is Tan Sri’s legacy. We hope more progress will be made in the future as I believe Pagoh has its own specialities, ”he said.


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