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Sesame Street Educates Children to Wash Hands Against COVID-19

While the COVID-19 Virus pandemic continued, Sesame Street featured Elmo, Rooster, and Cookie Monster characters to help keep children safe by providing hygiene education.

The content was built at the launch of the Sesame Workshop initiative with the theme ” Caring for Each Other ” last week at  They aim to help families stay physically and mentally healthy amid a health crisis.

One of Elmo’s distinctive songs has been updated to “Washy Wash” from his classic toothbrush song, “Brushy Brush.”

In a 30-second video, one of Sesame Street characters named Rooster is displayed by highlighting the phrase “wash your hands now” before eating, playing, exercising or using the bathroom.[0]=68.ARByipjWSs0qb8d1pgbS322B3xK-fqoe1AWtW298mb25Lbk87180TVLg5WdtKE7ZC5nfmB1Xj2l3NjFTSSgYoYra-qn9Mb1iCZPTrYLBgPlRP6guUt1hV8hgHkZlVNJ2SdJlCxMiBGKuNSPIjvg97Fau0iQQWqChnFHvz_uZKHJgI3ZG5OUqtMgWMQN4ixO2ItB5IG6S5iZ6oe6mnW1xUbZWLyP8nYNcztriwWhLiu4uXOmlv7VmGTVIbxewwgSh4e0SoRxNYzmYFvvd0midGHwUvMdrdegnpBYdLNGIC8fobQAlZMQANSrxKLPMK06aBdQnVyzuSUzpWELHUgP5&__tn__=-R

Sources: Sesame

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