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Six-Year-Old Admonishes Errant Adults To ‘Stay At Home’!

KUALA LUMPUR: Six days of implementation thus far, of the Movement Control Order imposed by the government effective March 18 to 31 to contain Covid-19, have seen scores of individuals including celebrities and sportsmen urging the public to ‘stay at home’ to prevent the spread of the coronavirus.

However, it’s a six-year-old from Keningau, Sabah who has caught the public eye in a three-minute, 19-second video, in which the little girl admonishes those who are still defying the order.

The ‘stern’ yet cute urging of the child has drawn a positive reaction from netizens, with some saying that ‘even a six-year-old is smarter (than ignorant adults) and understands directives from the authorities’.

Amanda Wanda Bell, better known as ‘Wanda Bell’, is seen in the video scolding ‘stubborn people’ who refused to follow instructions to stay at home.

“There are still people who are stubborn… they are not good listeners. Wanda (referring to herself) is giving advice here (on Facebook) because I myself am staying at home.

“Wanda is not scolding the adults… but Wanda does not want people to get sick as they might infect Wanda and others. So, they should not roam around,” she told Bernama.

Uploaded on her Facebook page, Wanda Bell’s video garnered 29,000 views and 810 shares at press time.

In the video, the child also expressed her sympathy for hospital staff who were working day and night to serve the people.

Among the netizens impressed by the youngster was Alice Tan who said: “This little child is so intelligent..please listen to this, you stubborn people…”, and Mas Ayu Junoh who commented: “You are so cute little sister.. good at talking too… Take care of yourself”.

Sources :  Bernama

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